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No Vacansea Fishing Charters provides fishing trips for anglers of all abilities in the Hollywood and Ft Lauderdale area of Southeast Florida. We can fish with up to a maximum of six anglers in our 32' charter boat, although two or three anglers provide the best fishing experience and comfort.  Less anglers also means more personal, hands-on interaction.

We offer both inshore and deep sea fishing trips.

The captain provides everything needed for a day of fishing including: tackle, licenses, ice, etc. The customer should bring his or her own food and drink for the day.  The captain also recommends you bring sunglasses, a hat and sunscreen.

Charter Rates

Call: 954-632-9340  ~or~  954-253-8457

Deposits May be sent to:

1918 Harding St
Hollywood Fl 33020

Charter Duration

  • 4 hour
  • 6 hour
  • 8 hour
  • Multi-day Trips

Types of Fishing Trips

  • Live bait/kite fishing
  • Offshore trolling for mahi-mahi
  • Day or nighttime reef trips
  • Daytime or nighttime swordfishing
  • Bahamas Trips Available (usually multi-day)

Got any other questions about our fishing trips? Ready to book an unforgettable experience? Call Capt. Mario Cote on 954-632-9340 or just fill out our quick contact form.

Most Popular Fish we Target


Sailfish can be caught year round - Hollywood and Ft Lauderdale boast some of the hottest sailfish spots in the world. Having said that, the best time to fish for them is between November till the end of May.  Personally, my favorite way to catch sailfish is to kite fish using a fishing kite that suspends up to three live baits on the surface of the water.  Each fishing line is attached to release clips – when the sailfish takes the bait, tension on the line opens the release clip freeing your line and the fight is on!

While kite fishing, we also have other baits on flat lines drifting behind the boat, as well as subsurface and bottom baits plying the entire water column.  While sailfish will hit any of these lines, so will a myriad of other species – that’s why it’s such a productive method of fishing.  Baits used include pilchards, threadfin hearing and goggle eyes.


Kingfish are caught year round slow trolling, kite fishing and drifting using live or dead bait.  For kingfish, we normally fish between 180 to 60 feet of water, but they can be caught as deep as 350 feet.

One preferred method is to slow troll with up to 4 live baits, but oddly enough you have to be careful not to drown the baits by trolling too fast.  When trolling with live baits, the motors are taken in and out of gear trying maintain a low speed and captain will use his video depth sounder to locate kingfish, or the schools of bait they are feeding on.

Dolphin (Mahi Mahi)

Dolphin is best during the summer, but mahi, as they are called by some, are available year-round.  We can target dolphin by using live bait, or we can troll weed lines, floating debris, and ocean current rips.  Birds are also a sure sign that dolphin are in the area.  Some specific birds, like frigate or man-o-war birds, are known to follow large individual dolphin or other pelagic game�fish.  One common tactic known to most dolphin fishermen is to keep the first fish you catch in the water.  Dolphin have a strong “schooling” instinct and while one is held in the water near the boat, other fish are very likely to stay near their captured comrade.  But this only lasts so long, and then it’s off to find another school of dolphin.

Other Fish Species Common Southeast Florida

Aside from the ones described above, Southeast Florida is also home to: swordfish, wahoo, african pompano, cobia, blackfin and yellowfin tuna, all types of sharks, snappers, groupers and amberjack.  The opportunity may also arise to target some fish species that are commonly found closer to shore, like: tarpon, snook, cero mackerel and spanish mackerel.

If you would like to target a specific species of fish, make sure you inform your captain when booking your fishing trip – it helps to be prepared.

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