Deep Sea Fishing Off Hollywood & Ft Lauderdale

Fish for big game fish within 30 minutes of leaving the marina

Big game fish such as swordfish, sailfish, tuna, marlin and shark (mako, tiger, hammerhead) can be caught year-round in the deep seas just off the coast of Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale in South Florida. These are the biggest and most prized fish in the world!

The Gulf Stream flows parallel to the coastline a few miles offshore and, with it, comes a warmer and richer marine ecosystem. It�s a habitat full of life, attracting a whole new food chain with big game fish at the top.

This all happens in deep water - more than 30� deep. We are fortunate that the water drops off quickly just a few miles from the marina. Schooling fish only live in deep waters and game fish, as predators, follow the prey. It also opens up possibilities for bottom and wreck fishing, targeting fish that only swim at greater depths.

Just 3 miles from the coast

All this takes place just 3 miles offshore. Once we leave the dock in Hollywood we�ll be dropping our lines and fishing within 30 minutes. Not only is deep sea fishing thrilling, it�s also economical - the less time we spend travelling to the fishing grounds, the more time we spend actually fishing! It�s money well spent.

Although deep sea fishing is possible in a shorter 4 hour charter trip, we recommend a longer excursion of 6 or 8 hours. This is because deep sea fishing is much more dependent on external conditions. Wind, currents, light, temperatures and even moon phases can all influence what techniques we should use and what fish to catch.

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We do our very best to fulfill your wishes if you have specific demands such as kite fishing or a box full of dolphin for dinner. A longer trip gives us the best possible opportunity to achieve what you want.

Longer trips also allow us to catch bait fish on the way out to use for luring the bigger game fish.

Deep sea fishing - tactics and fish species

We�ll use several fishing methods in our pursuit - if there�s something you specifically want to try then just let us know!

We typically kite fish for sailfish (although it works well for other species, too) which involves suspending up to 6 fishing kites on all sides of the boat with live bait dangling from each on the surface of the water. Trolling (particularly for wahoo, king mackerel, cobia and amberjacks) over shipwrecks and bottom fishing are other common methods we use.

Most species are available year round although these waters around Hollywood and Fort Lauderdale are seasonal - if there�s a particular fish you want to land then let us know before.

For example, sailfish season runs from November - May, April and May are the best months for dolphin (mahi mahi) and blue marlins are more commonplace in the summer months (white marlins are more plentiful in the spring and fall).

Methods have been developed to fish for swordfish during the day but, as nocturnal feeders, the best time to target them is still at night time.

Apart from the real big game fish, other species we might catch while deep sea fishing include wahoo, smaller tuna fish, barracuda, snapper and grouper.

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