Blackfin Tuna Still the Center of Attention Offshore

Report Date: June 25, 2013

We fished in Ft. Lauderdale on June 10 - a last minute trip from 6 to 8 pm for customer that where in town just that day and wanted to catch a blackfin tuna. So, we go out with some pilchards I bought and start fishing in 120' off Hollywood, but no bite. With time running out before dark, I had to hurry up so I move to Hallandale, again in 120 ' but this time with some nicer blue water and put out the chum bag and 2 flat line and 2 mid depth all mono leader and circle hook. This time we caught 2 bonito and 2 cut offs and drifted away from where we started. We went back to that same spot and got cut off twice more. Time running out and no more current. I decided to put just 2 flat line and start slow trolling and no time we caught a nice blackfin tuna!

On Wednesday, June 12, we were headed to Bimini Sands Resort in Bimini, Bahamas. After we cleared customs and checked into our room and we decided to deep drop the last couples hours of the afternoon right in front of Bimini in 1200'. We caught some nice queen snapper and a snowy grouper! The next 3 days we spilt our time between hammerhead and great Isaac . Down south by hammerhead, we caught a lots of yellowtail in 70' with cut ballyhoo on a jig with 25 lb. fluorocarbon leader . North by Isaac, one day we caught 20 blackfin tuna up to 15 lbs. in about one hour under birds. On our way back home on Sunday, about 25 miles out from Ft. Lauderdale, we caught 6 nice mahi on a nice rip current with some weed! Again, that was another great trip in the Bahamas!

Back home last week, we fished a couples days south of our inlet by Hallandale and found nice blue water in 150' and caught some bonito , cero mackerel and some nice kingfish up to 35 lbs. - all on live pilchards. Most the bites were on flat lines and some on weighted lines. We'll be fishing home this week, so I will be back with another report soon!

Until next time come fish with us you'll have a good time for sure!

Capt. Mario Cote


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